Lizhong Group Has Developped for37Years

  • Developed

    3 Stages
  • Engaged in

    3 industries
  • Produced

    4 products
  • Did only

    1 things
  • We have developed for 37 years.

    We have developed for 37 years.


    Completed the primitive accumulation of capital,Realized the separation of capital ownership and control through reform



    Realized the separation of capital ownership and control through reform



    Entered a stage of rapid development, and invested in a number of subsidiaries through sole proprietorship, joint venture and overseas investment

  • Three industries

    Three industries

    Aluminum alloy material industry, auto parts industry, and chemical material industry

  • Produced 4 products

    Produced 4 products

    Cast aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy wheel, functional master alloy, new lithium/sodium ion battery material

  • Make only 1 things

    Make only 1 things

    Industrial chain of low-carbon green materials and products

Major Events
  • 2021


    Establishment of Shandong Lizhong Lithium/Sodium Ion Battery New Materials Co. Ltd.


    Sitong New Metal Material, a listed company, officially renamed as Lizhong Sitong Light Alloys Group Co., Ltd. (Lizhong Group)


    Acquisition of minority interest of Longda Aluminum by Sitong New Metal Material

  • 2020


    Establishment of Lizhong (Mexico) Co., Ltd.


    Acquisition of Lizhong Alloy Group by Sitong New Metal Material, developing in the three main industries and forming a scale complete industrial chain

  • 2018


    Acquisition of Lizhong Wheel Group by Sitong New Metal Material, realizing the two-wheel drive of the leading industry

  • 2016


    Acquisition of MQP, a British company, by Sitong New Metal Material, laying the technical foundation for international R&D

  • 2015


    Listing of Sitong New Metal Material on the GEM board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming one of the first listed companies in the field of functional master alloy in China

  • 2010


    Establishment of New Thai Wheel in Thailand, becoming one of the first Chinese wheel enterprises that set up factories overseas

  • 2009


    Establishment of Lizhong Wheel (U.S.) Sales Company, taking the first step of strategic globalization layout

  • 2005


    Listing of Lizhong Wheel Group on the main board of Singapore Stock Exchange through asset stripping and restructuring

  • 1998


    Establishment of Qingyuan Sitong Aluminum Industries [predecessor of Sitong New Metal Material], starting the R&D and manufacturing of aluminum-based master alloy

  • 1997


    Establishment of Hebei Lizhong Non-ferrous Metal Group

  • 1995


    Establishment of Baoding Lizhong Wheel Manufacturing, starting the manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheel products


    Establish Sino Japanese joint Venture Baoding Longda Aluminum Company to produce Japanese standard, national standard and American standard cast aluminum alloys;

  • 1984


    Starting business from purchasing scrap aluminum and processing recycled aluminum alloy

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