Functional Master Alloy New Material

Sitong has mainly four types of functional master alloys including metal grain refiner, metallographic modifier, metal additives, metal purification and more than 300 kinds of aerospace grade special master alloys. Our products are involved in many areas such as aluminium sheet, strip and foil, foundry alloys, traffic and transportation, aerospace, power and electronics, construction profiles, food and medicine packaging etc. The domestic sales take about 65% of total sales volume and oversea sales 35%.

  • Grain refiner
  • Metallographic modifier
  • Metal additives
  • Metal purification

It is used for alloy microstructure control, by adding grain nucleus into melt can produce grain refining effect during solidification, grain sizes can be refined from millimeter to micron, so that the mechanical, processing and forming properties of alloys will be significantly improved.

The coarse needle-like and lamellar tissue in Al-Si alloy are transformed into spherical or granular tissue through physical and chemical modification to reduce the puncture and splitting by needle and lamellar tissue on the matrix, making the metallographic structure more compact and uniform, and improving the mechanical properties and wear resistance properties.

Make the metal which are at high melting point, difficult to melt or easy to burn into the master alloy material which is easier to melt and be alloyed. Reduce the production process temperature and time, reduce energy consumption and metal loss, improve the actual metal yield, reduce the cost and emission of pollutants.

Through chemical reaction and physical intervention at high temperature, the impurities in the metal melt precipitate and separate to improve metal purity, improve metal mechanical properties and electrical conductivity.

  • Aerospace Grade Special Master Alloy Products

    Aerospace Grade Special Master Alloy Products

    The aerospace grade special master alloys developed and manufactured by Sitong are mainly used in the field of aerospace high-quality titanium alloy and high temperature alloy, including binary alloys represented by vanadium- aluminum, molybdenum-aluminum, etc., and multiple alloys represented by vanadium-aluminum-tin-chromium, aluminum-molybdenum-vanadium- ferrochrome, etc.

  • Fluxes


    The high-efficient, environment-friendly and non-residual flux was developed by Lizhong Sitong, which is used for degassing, slag removal and refining of aluminum and aluminum alloy melt, has the characteristics of less additive, good degassing and slag removal, low metal loss and less residual flux. Main product catalog: Refining flux, ash-removal flux, Ca-removal flux, Mg-removal flux and Covering flux.

Other Functional Master Alloys

The development of Mg based master alloys, Cu based master alloys and Zn based master alloys will further improve Sitong product categories. Including Mg based master alloy series products, Cu based master alloy series products and Zn based master alloy series products.

  • Mg Based Master Alloy Series Products

  • Cu Based Master Alloy Series Products

  • Zn Based Master Alloy Series Products

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