Highly Efficient Grain Refiner

Our product is a highly efficient grain refiner with powerful functions and stable performance. By using our products, the addition rate can be reduced by 70% compared with the standard grain refiner. It can effectively reduce the inclusions related defects, avoid casting, extrution and rolling, forging cracking and other processing defects, so as to improve the quality of aluminum alloy products and reduce the production cost .

Optifine is the international brand of our highly efficient grain refiner, and has become a special refiner product for large aluminum processing enterprises at home and abroad.

Aerospace Grade Special Master Alloys

The aerospace grade special master alloys developed and manufactured by our company are mainly used for aerospace superalloy materials. The products include dozens of diversified special master alloys composed of Vanadium, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Zirconium, Hafnium, Niobium and other elements. The production line, technical capability and product quality of special master alloys have reached the world advanced level.

Latest Research Results of Aluminum Alloy

The cast aluminum alloy with high strength, high toughness, high thermal conductivity, high conductivity, high temperature resistance and no heat treatment developed by Lizhong alloy group will further promote the development of automobile lightweight.

  • High toughness and high strength (no heat treatment) aluminum alloy material

    The heat-free alloy materials developed by the group have realized the substitution of "aluminum instead of steel" materials for new energy vehicle structural parts with integration, large size, thin wall, complex structure and easy deformation after heat treatment, broken the foreign product monopoly and technical blockade in this field, and realized the localization of heat-free high-performance materials. While reducing the production cost and heat treatment cost of aluminum castings, it will play a vital role in promoting vehicle lightweight, energy conservation and emission reduction, increasing the endurance capacity of new energy vehicles and improving vehicle safety.

  • High thermal conductivity alloy

    The high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum alloy developed by the group adopts proprietary purification technology to replace refined aluminum raw materials, which greatly reduces the material cost of the alloy. The alloy has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, high conductivity and low coefficient of linear expansion. Its performance indexes are much higher than the advanced level of EU and industry. Good mechanical properties, die casting performance, machining performance and corrosion resistance. It is more suitable for structural parts with high requirements for heat conduction and conductivity, such as 5g communication, consumer electronics and other fields.

  • Standard sample for spectral analysis of aluminum alloy

    The standard sample for spectral analysis of aluminum alloy developed by the group through semi continuous casting process has passed the appraisal of the National Standards Committee. The successful development of various brands of aluminum alloy spectral analysis standard samples marks the advanced level of industry technology of Lizhong alloy group.

  • Chip packaging materials

    The silicon aluminum alloy developed and produced by the group has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity and low density, and has good thermal expansion matching with chip materials. It is widely used in electronic systems and high-power integrated circuit packaging for aerospace vehicles. The weight of our silicon aluminum alloy is only 1 / 3 of that of traditional materials, which can meet the requirements of continuous miniaturization, high integration and lightweight of electronic devices, and has thermal expansion and effective heat dissipation performance matching with the chip, so as to improve the service life of the chip. It is the preferred material for aerospace electronic systems and large-scale integrated circuits.

  • Primary utilization of recycled aluminum and recycling of hazardous wastes

    The group has always been committed to the recycling of recycled aluminum raw materials. After more than 30 years of development, the group now has hundreds of high-quality suppliers of recycled aluminum raw materials; With more than 50 recycled aluminum alloy production lines and hazardous waste resource treatment plants, we have adopted the proprietary technology of "three super, one micro and two ratio" to harmless and beneficial harmful elements in recycled aluminum alloy, so as to maximize the value of primary utilization, appreciation utilization and utilization of recycled aluminum resources, reduce energy consumption and protect the earth's environment, Practice social responsibility.

  • New Materials for New Energy Lithium and Sodium Batteries

    The group's new products are LiPF6 and LiFSI, which are key chemical raw materials for Lithium batteries of new energy vehicles. With the increasing demand for Lithium batteries and Sodium batteries in the global market of new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and solar energy storage, the new energy Lithium and Sodium batteries of Lizhong group will play an important role in market.

    The by-products of LiPF6 and LiFSI are inorganic fluoride products, which are the key raw materials of the functional master alloy of Lizhong group.

  • High-end Customized Products for the End Customer Market

    Baoding Lizhong Linghang Auto Parts Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lizhong Group, focuses on serving the domestic and foreign auto after-sales service market.The company has independent product-designing team, relying on lizhong Wheel Group's modern production line and inspecting & testing equipment, as well as CNaS certified test center, providing high quality products and product consulting services for domestic, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries.

  • New Energy and Commercial Vehicle Lightweight Products

    Lizhong is actively accelerating the development of new energy vehicles and commercial vehicle wheels. Taking full advantage of the synergistic advantages of the group’s industrial chain, conducting research and development from alloy materials, molds, equipment, processes, and wheel product manufacturing technologies, relying on advanced low-pressure casting production lines, successfully developed high-strength and lightweight flow-formed aluminum alloy wheels., which broke through the technical problem of " high-strength and lightweight " during production of big size, high-end, lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, and met demand of lightweight for new energy vehicles and commercial vehicles.

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