Lithium and Sodium Battery New Material

Shandong Lizhong New Energy Material Co., Ltd. was founded in August, 2021 with total asset of CNY 1.2 billion and registered capital of CNY 200 million. Shandong Lizhong is committed to produce new energy Lithium and Sodium battery material, Fluoride salt products. The production line is divided into two phases: the first phase is 10,000 tons of LiPF6 and 11,000 tons of fluoride salt, the second phase is 8000 tons of LiPF6, 8000 tons of LiFSI, and 3000 tons of electronic-grade NaF. Company address: Shandong Jining New material industrial park, covers 130,000 square meters (200 mu).

  • 12


  • 18000

    tons of LiPF6

  • 8000

    tons of LiFSI

  • 3000

    tons of NaF(electron level )

  • 11000

    tons of fluoride salt

LiPF6 is mainly used in lithium ion power batteries, lithium ion energy storage batteries and other consumer electronic batteries. It is the preferred electrolyte material for lithium ion batteries and the most important component of lithium batteries electrolyte solution, accounting for about 43% of the total cost of electrolyte solution.

LiPF6 has strong electrochemical stability and superior comprehensive performance to other lithium materials, so it is an irreplaceable key raw material for high-performance lithium batteries.

Other chemical industry products:

With the wide demand for lithium and sodium battery products from the global market of new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, wind-solar energy storage market, Lizhong New energy lithium and sodium battery materials will play an important role in the market.

Lithium battery electrolyte material

LiFSI is a new type of lithium battery electrolyte material, and can also be used as an additive of LiPF6, which can greatly improve the energy density and safety performance of the battery.

Electronic Grade Sodium Fluoride Products

Electronic grade NaF products can be used as the main raw material for electrolyte NaPF6 in sodium batteries in the future. Compared with lithium battery, it has a large cost advantage and a broad market prospect in the future.

Inorganic Fluoride Products

K2TiF6, KBF4 and K2ZrF6 are inorganic fluoride products and key raw materials for the production of functional master alloys by the parent company (Sitong new materials).

The company adopts advanced technology and equipment to produce high-quality products to meet the stable supply within the group and the demand for high-quality fluoride products in the international market.

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