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Since our establishment in 1984, Lizhong Group has grown up and experienced decades of tempering. Looking back, our rapid development cannot be achieved without our "employee first" concept. We value every employee, cultivate every employee and put every talent in an important position.


Place the right person in the right place to do the right thing

"Cultivate Lizhong Talents First, Then Create Lizhong Products", respecting employees, caring for them and always being grateful are the foundation of our culture. We firmly believe that every employee has his/her unique value and tap the potential of every employee. It is our primary responsibility of human resource management to "place the right person in the right place to do the right thing" and provide every employee with complete vocational training and salary and welfare mechanisms. Respecting the value of every employee and being dedicated to providing an excellent platform and opportunities for every Lizhong people are the principle and concept that we always believe in.


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  • Senior Management Team of STNM

  • Senior Management Team of Lizhong Wheel

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