Cast Aluminum Alloy (Primary and Recycled)

The cast aluminum alloy of the group is mainly divided into recycled aluminum alloy products and primary aluminum alloy products. Recycled aluminum alloy products mainly include adc10, ADC12, alsi9cu3, A380 and other series brands, while primary aluminum alloy products mainly include A356, A357, AC2A, AC4C and other series brands, with more than 200 product brands.

Aluminum Alloy Liquid

In 2003, we took the lead in developing the direct supply and delivery technology of aluminum alloy liquid within a radius of 60km in China, which saved a lot of equipment investment for users of aluminum alloy die casting enterprises, reduced the loss of secondary molten metal, and reduced energy consumption and carbon emission.

Wrought Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy cast bars are mainly 6 series and 7 series products, with more than 20 product specifications and models. They are widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway, automobile, special industries and other fields.

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